Bathroom is the place where people not only clean themselves, but also get relaxed. Our day’s journey starts from bathroom. So importance of bathroom in our life cannot be ignored. A well positioned bathroom not only gives a soothing appearance but also makes you day easy. Therefore, every fitting of the bathroom needs to be positioned at a specified height at which every member of the family can use it effectively and easily.  Here we have tabulated some bathroom fittings which are commonly used in every household.

Sl. No.Bathroom FittingHeight above floor level
1Taps3 ft to 3 ¼ ft
2Showerhead6 ft to 6 ½ ft
3Wash Basin (top)3 ft
4Mirror (bottom)4 ft to 4 ½  ft
5Shelves3 ft to 5 ½ ft
6Soap Dish4 ft to 5 ft
7Towel Ring4 ft to 5 ft
8Towel Rail5 ft
9Cabinet (bottom)4 ½ ft to 5 ½ ft

The above heights have been mentioned considering the following aspects:

  1. Showerhead should be positioned at such height that it can be easily adjusted by your hands. In India where average height of people is 5 ft to 5 ½ ft showerhead at 6 ft is easily touchable for every person in the family.
  2. Similarly the taps and washbasin height should be fixed considering easy access of every member of the family.
  3. The bottom part of the Mirror should cover your shoulders. So while fixing the mirror, height of the shortest member of the family should be considered.
  4. The top of cabinet should not be above 6 ft. In other words your hands should easily reach the top of it.

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