Very often we notice hair cracks in the walls. These cracks appear due to cracks occurred either in the brickwork or in the plaster. For both cases the repair method is different. In this article we are discussing repair of cracks in the plaster only. Cracks in the plaster are generally non-structural cracks, which don’t make the structure unsafe for living, but may hamper the aesthetic appearance of the structure. These cracks may cause due to various reasons like thermal variations, moisture changes etc.

Cracks in the plaster can be repaired easily. In fact one can do the repair work himself. The following procedures may be followed while repairing the cracks in the plaster.

  1. First of all, mark the cracked portion in rectangle shape. The rectangle should be marked in such a way that the crack should fall in the centre.
  2. Then remove the plaster within this rectangle completely with the help of sharp tools like hammer, chisel and trowel until the bricks get exposed. Use wire brush to clean the surface so that no loose particle is left out there. Clean the area by splashing water over it.
  3. Apply a layer of cement slurry made by adding cement in water. For making cement slurry, mix 1 part of cement with 3 or 4 part of water. The cement slurry acts as an adhesive.
  4. Prepare mortar by mixing cement with sand in 1:1 ratio i.e. mixing 1 part of cement with 1 part of sand.
  5. This cement sand mortar should be applied in layers on the surface with the help of trowel smoothly and neatly. While applying the mortar the levels of adjacent plaster should be matched with your plaster layer.
  6. After 10 hrs, the repaired plaster should be cured by applying water over it for at least 7 days.

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