There are lots of guides online about how to get your carpets sparkling clean, but not everyone’s whole house is covered in carpets. These days there are lots of different surfaces that might be gracing your floors and with each different surface there is a different cleaning need. To help you make sure all the floors in your house remain in tip top condition we’ve put together a guide on what to do for all kinds of surfaces from how to clean a marble floor to when to run a mop over slate.

  1. Wooden Flooring

Thanks to their fashionable looks, wooden floors are an increasingly common feature of family homes all across the country. Yet, they offer more than just something nice to look at – they’re also pretty easy to clean and this gives makes them doubly appealing.

How to clean: Use a vacuum cleaner or soft broom to remove loose dirt and debris. Make sure your vacuum cleaner brush is set to the right position to avoid damage and work logically across the floor. Once loose dirt has been removed, you can wash wooden floors with a good wooden floor cleaner that is usually diluted in some water. Use an old towel or cloth moth to run the solution across the floor in a sweeping motion.

  1. Marble Floors

Although marble floors aren’t always as easy to clean as some other flooring types, they do have a very distinctive and attractive appearance. Working out how to clean a marble floor can sometimes be tricky but once you’ve mastered this skill you’ll have a sophisticated and elegant floor.

How to clean: Your best bet for cleaning marble floors is usually warm water and dishwasher soap, although you should always test a little bit first to see whether it works on your surface. You’ll still want to remove loose debris with a soft brush or vacuum cleaner before washing the floor with dish washing soap and warm water and rinsing with clean water afterwards. Once dried, use a microfiber cloth to get a good shine.

  1. Outdoor Decking

This one is for those who have a bit of outdoor space. While decking is great for BBQs and for providing a space where you and your guests can enjoy the hot months, it can become dirty very easily.

How to clean: To get rid of dirt on decking you should first start with a stiff brush and scrub away any moss or mould – both things that are likely to develop due to the floors outdoor position. You should be able to clean decking using a solution designed specifically for decking boards. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and rinse the solution off with warm water. Once dried, you may want to consider varnishing or treating your decking to give it a stronger colour or finish.

  1. Slate Surfaces

This is a dramatic flooring option and can look great in old houses full of character. As with all floors, maintenance is the key here. Just as you learned how to clean marble floor types, wooden floors and carpets, you must also learn how to clean slate if this is a material you want to use in your home.

How to clean: Start by sweeping the floor first before going over with a dust mop to get rid of as much surface dirt and debris as you can. Then use a clean cloth soaked in warm water on the bottom of your mop to wipe the whole surface clean – no cleaning agent is required. You should always allow slate to air-dry clean so remember to plan your floor cleaning session for a day when you won’t need to use that room too much.

Getting Your Floors Sparkling

So there you have it, starting tips for cleaning a range of floors. Always check the product information on any floor cleaner first and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If using a cleaning solution for the first time, always test it on a small area first.

Remember there’s lots more helpful information online about all sorts of things from how to clean marble floors to when to replace decking. But once you’ve done all the hard work you can sit back, relax and enjoy your beautiful home.

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