The painting brush should be of bristles and not of horse hair. Bristles can be distinguished by the fact that each bristle is split at ends. A good painting brush should have springiness in the bristles.

The following sizes of painting brush are generally used:

  1. For dusting large flat surfaces, sizes 12 or 14
  2. For painting of steel beams, joists and similar structures, size 8
  3. For painting of wood work, size 6
  4. For fine works, sizes 2 and 4

A round brush is considered the best for painting.

New brushes should be placed in water for 2 to 3 hours and then allowed to dry for one hour before use. When a brush is to be used for another colour or is no longer required, it should be cleaned at once by dipping into kerosene or turpentine oil, covering the bristles only.

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